Cuba commemorates patriotic date promoting social programs

Havana, July 26.- Cuba is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada Garrison in Santiago de Cuba and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Barracks in Bayamo, with mobilizations and the promotion of social and economic benefit works.
Although the central act in remembrance of the heroic deed, carried out on July 26, 1953, by a group of young revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro, will be held on Wednesday in the province of Santiago.
Initiatives to commemorate the date and honor their heroes are being developed in the rest of the country.

In western Artemisa, territory from where several of those young fighters left on July 24, 1953, its inhabitants expressed, the day before, the commitment to continue working on the dreams of popular welfare and social justice that their children contributed to start seven decades ago.

In the city of Cienfuegos, its workers commemorated the date on Monday wearing the red and black colors of the 26th of July Movement, while in Pinar del Rio, the population, immersed in a process of recovery after the devastating passage of a hurricane, reaffirmed its commitment to promote vital socioeconomic programs.

Similar activities took place during the day in other provinces such as Sancti Spíritus (center).

Havana, where 11 persons had some relation with the Moncada heroic deed, celebrated last Sunday the National Rebellion Day, with a ceremony at the Vilma Espín School, in the municipality of Playa, in which the first secretary of the PCC in the province, Luis Antonio Torres, assured that the capital of the country will never fail the Revolution.

He also affirmed that the authorities of the PCC and the Government are devoted to the search for solutions to the problems that most affect the people. (Taken from Prensa Latina)