High Demand for 2012 London Olympics Tickets

High Demand for 2012 London Olympics TicketsLondon, Apr 28. -Members of the organizing committee for the 2012 Olympics informed this Wednesday that they have received more than 20 million demands for tickets for the 6.6 million available.

After the dateline for the sale of the tickets early this morning, in more than half of the 650 events planned in 26 different sports, the demand is greater than the supply, so the committee will have to organize a raffle to sell tickets.

According to the organizers the most requested events are track cycling, the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony, swimming, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, triathlon, modern pentathlon, and horse riding.

The future participants in the raffle will have to wait until June to know what events they can get tickets for, and then the unsold tickets will be for sale.

Sebastian Coe, President of the Organiazing Committee, said that for the opening ceremony, the demand is 10 times higher than the supply, that there will be disappointments, but they will find a way to compensate with tickets for other events. (Prensa Latina)