Cuba Includes Nuclear Issue in Berne Conference

Cuba Includes Nuclear Issue in Berne ConferencePanama, Apr 21. -Cuba was able to include the issue of eliminating and banning the use of weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear arms, on the agenda of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in its October meeting in Berne, Switzerland.

The proposal was first presented and approved firstly in the Latin American and Caribbean Group by the Cuban parliamentary delegation led by deputy Ramon Pez Ferro.

When the topic was discussed in the peace and security commission of the 124th IPU Assembly, which concluded on Thursday, another proposal related to governance and parliaments because of alleged procedural mistakes.

In response, the Cuban delegates insisted on the issue in the plenary session in the final stage of conclusions, supported by Bangladesh, which cosponsored the proposal, and which generated discussion supportive of the island's position.

Cuba strongly stated the importance of the role parliaments should play as an institution and parliament that give them life, in the elimination of nuclear weapons, and in concern for all of humanity. (Prensa Latina)