UNESCO: ALBA to Back Haitian Cultural Reconstruction

UNESCO: ALBA to Back Haitian Cultural ReconstructionParis, Apr 20. -Member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) in UNESCO expressed their commitment to the new reconstruction phase in Haiti through culture.

The ALBA's willingness was expressed by Bolivian Ambassador to UNESCO Pablo Groux during a conference held at the UNESCO headquarters, where 15 reconstruction projects needing urgent donors' support were presented.

Though we cannot anticipate any figure, on behalf of Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia I would like to express our commitment to this original initiative, said the diplomat.

He explained that efforts were started at different ALBA bodies, the Bank, the Cultural Fund and the respective governments, in order to handle economic and human resources to join the unprecedented UNESCO effort.

Groux recalled that ALBA countries gave obvious signs of solidarity in the wake of devastation caused by the quake.

Priority then was life, and Cuban doctors, professionals and citizens from Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia gave medical assistance, supplied hydrocarbons, strengthened the education system and other areas, he said.

Today, the organization is calling us to save Haiti's soul, culture, to recover its history, preserve its memory, strengthen its tradition and continue fostering that virtue prevailing among Haitians.

We will be present in this recent initiative of culture as driving force, as soul, as force to reconstruct the country's heritage, but above all for Haitian people's strength, said Groux. (Prensa Latina)