Socialist option reaffirmed in Southern Camaguey

Socialist option reaffirmed in Southern CamagueySanta Cruz del Sur, Apr 16. –Fifty years after the declaration of the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution, the inhabitants from Southern Camaguey reaffirm the socialist choice as the best one to consolidate the revolutionary Cuban process which has the people as the main figure.

Special morning meetings at schools and work places recalls the half century of the epic Girón, turned into a great defeat of the imperialism in Latin America, the declaration  of the social character of the Cuban Revolution, and the opening of the VI Congress of the PCC.

With the historic experience that the imperialist help will only sow pain and death wherever it is proposed, the people from Southern Camaguey rejects the interference of the United States, and ratifies the decision to fight for our sovereignty with the same spirit and confidence that back in the days of Girón.

With poetries, songs, and dances, art instructors and members of the art keens movement show the patriotism characterizing the Cuban people, which attendees received with enthusiastic slogans supporting the PCC, Fidel and Raúl. (Redacción Digital Radio Santa Cruz)