USA Reportedly Supplied Weapons to Libyan Rebels

USA Reportedly Supplied Weapons to Libyan RebelsWashington, Mar. 31. -The possibility that the United States secretly supplied weapons to Libyan rebels is emerging today as another complication for President Barack Obama, assiduously criticized by Republicans in the Congress.

White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed on Wednesday that the government was considering providing weapons to the forces trying to overthrow Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Carney�s statements coincide with press reports revealing that Obama signed a secret order authorizing covert support to the rebels.

Obama used a presidential directive to authorize secret CIA operations, according to news reports.

Carney recalled that the president did not rule out any hypothesis for intervening in the North African nation.

Fawaz Gerges, an expert on the Middle East, said in a statement to the BBC this week that giving weapons to the Libyan rebels would be like throwing gasoline on a fire.

Differences in relation to this topic persist within the international coalition that has been attacking Libya.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said he did not rule out supplying weapons to the Libyan insurgents. (Prensa Latina)