Iraida and the magic of theatre in Southern Camagüey

Iraida and the magic of theatre in Southern CamagüeySanta Cruz del Sur, Mar 30. –More than 30 years of working life turn Iraida Batueca García into an instructor who knows where to focus her purposes into with infants and teenagers. She also knows how to exploit her potential on the stage.

This devoted creator at the Olga Alonso Culture House makes art keen groups, for the activity with puppets, poetry reading, narrative and monologues.

Several generations have gone to local and provincial scene thanks to the devotion of this artist from Santa Cruz del Sur. “I am so proud to say that those who once were my students are now renowned artists and professionals in different fields”.

In her youth, she was member of the XX Anniversary Art instructors Brigade, in Matanzas, named like that by Armando Hart Dávalos, while he was Minister of Culture. “This group was like a school to me. We take our work to the far-off places of this Cuban province”.

Santiago Santacruz