Students from Southern Camaguey encourage water saving

Students from Southern Camaguey encourage water savingSanta Cruz del Sur, Mar 27. –Students from this territory, along with teachers and educators for the health, developed activities related to the water saving, where there was also a chat on danger caused by the Global Warming and the Climatic Change.

The students spoke about the importance of saving the planet all united and to save water, essential source for the existence of the living beings.

Poems and several matters of great interest pointed the need to be aware not to pollute the prodigious liquid and to save it at all times.

The students committed to keep on being constant spokespeople in their school groups and communities, so that every person takes care of our environment, hampering the extinction of the human race, flora and fauna.

In groups and individually, the students drew on the floor, making a call to save water and to keep our rivers and seas clean and unpolluted.

Santiago Santacruz