Music contest stands out the Culture Weekend

Music contest stands out the Culture Weekend Santa Cruz del Sur, Mar 24. –The chords of a sax were again immersed in the enchanting mystery of the traditional Miguel Socarrás Aleaga Cuban Music Contest, in keeping with 140th anniversary of this territory as a Municipality, and inside of the program of the recently finished Culture Weekend.

Talented youngsters from the Arts Keens Movement, along with experienced music instructors, exposed the quality of their preparation, through tuning, melody, diction, and stage movement.

The seven participants sang entirely Cuban songs, which made the crowd present in the Najasa Theatre dance.

The special guest offered a potpourri of songs by several national and international authors, which was applauded many times.

The jury of the Cuban song was made up by Yadimir Pantoja del Risco, professionak musician, Regla Rodríguez Ávalo, member of the Local Concert Band, and Xiomara Iglesias Ponce de León, Provincial Literature methodologist.

The audience awarded the popularity prize to Yamilka Echevarría Guerra, who also received the great award. Specialists considered granting prizes to all the contestants, where Alexander Santana Morales and Junior Dávila Benítez were found winners aswell.

Santiago SantaCruz