Santa Cruz del Sur born people recall the unit in the days of Girón

Santa Cruz del Sur born people recall the unit in the days of GirónSanta Cruz del Sur, Mar 23. -Glicerio Betancourt Pratt, recalls his years as a fisherman, and his voluntary contribution, patrolling the coasts to prevent illegal departures of many counterrevolutionaries and the infiltration of some other through these beaches. “I always was and will be a militia’s man of my country”. The mercenary invasion to Girón was a moment of definitions that embedded the life of this humble man who has a theory about the imperialism, based on the experience.

“Santa Cruz del Sur, more than a wall made of concrete, it was a wall made of wills, of unity, already tested. We are now more prepared than in 1961, when the invasion on Playa Girón, and see how In less than 72 hours we defeated those cowards. Nobody likes wars, but if they want to try again someday, they will leave this island filled with lead”.

The Mirando al Mar Detail has already arrived to its 29th anniversary, Martha Miranda Cabrera is one of its founders. “There are many friends who have already died”. She seeks to pay tribute to Ada Calderón and Hortensia Fernández in her slow conversation. “They were the ones who led the Revolutionary Female Unit in the beach are of this municipality, one of these sorts of organizations created in those years. We were the best, we were always counted on”.

Women called to that mission were located in the vanguard since the very beginning. “We gave the militiaman away all of the stuffs we had in our houses. Our husbands, relatives, neighbours, and friends were there. There was always food, water and inspiration. My daughters were one and two years old respectively, I looked after them and then I came back to my duty”.
As the singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez described it, April is a song for the country and it is our singing. “The unit between the revolutionaries and, the direction of the Revolution is our most important strategic weapon, said Raul, it is what has allowed us to get here and to continue to improve socialism in the future.
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