Mexican, Cuban Experts to Attend Rehabilitation Congress

Havana, Mar 22. -Representatives from Mexico and Cuba will participate in the Fifth International Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to be held on April 13-16 in the Cuban central province of Cienfuegos.


The Congress will be held along with 3rd International Meeting on Information Management and Rehabilitation Research.

Mexican specialist Carlos Manuel Jimenez will attend the Congress and give a lecture on crawling, its neurophysiological bases and clinical correlations. He will also lecture about his experiences with psychokinetic and training techniques of motion engrames.

Thirty topics are to be discussed at round tables, lectures and workshops, including pain treatments, hydrotherapy, quality of life and recovery of burn patients, cognitive and cardiorespiratory rehabilitation, disability and related aspects of this subject with neurophysiology and oncology.

Other topics will be oxidative stress, nutrition and ozone therapy and spinal cord injury in the adolescent patient.

The venue of the Congress will be the Gustavo Aldereguia Hospital, in Cienfuegos.  (Prensa Latina)