Tajin Summit: Art, Culture of Mexican Traditions

Tajin Summit: Art, Culture of Mexican TraditionsMexico, Mar 17. -The so-called Tajin summit in Veracruz begins today with attendees from all around the world including recognized artists, interested in investigating the arts, culture and knowledge of Mexican ancient traditions.

The event will be held until March 21 in the city of Papantla, with a population of Totonac origin .

The festival will have two other venues, Takilhsukut Park and the archaeological site of El Tajin.

According to the organizers, among the world figures who will attend are Spanish singer Miguel Bose, Puerto Rican Calle 13, the band Los Intocables, as well as Mexican bands and soloists.

In this twelfth version of the festival, the archaeological site of El Tajin, as the cradle of the Totonac civilization, will be once again the most important center in terms of activities that will offer the opportunity to reach into the past of this culture.

Meanwhile, in Takilhsukut Park attendees will see different areas of this unique and irreplaceable part of the Mexican tradition with artistic expressions such as ancient ceremonies and traditional dances.

The Tajin Summit is special in that it is the home of 11 of the 57 languages spoken in the country, including Nahua, Totonac, Huasteca, Popoluca, Zapotec, Chinanteco, Otomi, Mazatec, Tepehuanes, Mixtec, Maya-zoques and Mixes.

In this event, sponsored by the University of Veracruz, are also included the ceremonies and rituals which end on Monday, with the arrival of the vernal equinox. (Prensa Latina)