Nuclear Situation in Japan Remains Critical

Nuclear Situation in Japan Remains CriticalTokyo, Mar 16. -The nuclear crisis in Japan triggered by the earthquake and tsunami last Friday remains critical Wednesday after another reactor caught fire, and the number of dead and missing keeps rising.

Tokyo Fears Radioactive Fallout
The incident was detected early today in an area of the No. 4 reactor of the Fukushima No.1 plant, thus increasing concerns over higher radiation levels.

That was the second fire reported in that reactor in about 24 hours. Meanwhile, the No. 3 reactor was once again the center of attention after a white smoke leak was detected.

At one point the radiation level reached 10 milisieverts per hour at the plant entrance, around 10:40 local time, according to the National Nuclear Security Administration.

In the meantime, the search for survivors and bodies continues. The police said that as of 14:00 local time, the death toll had climbed to 3,771, with some 7,843 people missing. (Prensa Latina)