Protein that Prevents HIV / AIDS Development Identified

Washington, Mar 16. -U.S. experts believe that a protein present in cells CD4 of the so-called elite controllers, prevent HIV / AIDS development and proliferation in the body.

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, specialists from Massachusetts General Hospital indicated that the protein, called p21, inhibits an enzyme that the AIDS virus needs to replicate inside the cell and therefore prevents its spread .

Elite controllers are HIV positive people able to control the virus naturally. From the genetic point of view, they resemble those who have never had the infection.

A recent survey reported in the Journal of Virology determined how genes and proteins were expressed in these individuals, as well as common characteristics and differences with others.

However, it is considered that only one percent of the more than 33 million people affected has that capacity.

Once it is known how their defense mechanism works, more effective treatment strategies could be developed, said the researchers. (Prensa Latina)