Women from Santa Cruz del Sur always in the vanguard

Women from Santa Cruz del Sur always in the vanguard Women from Santa Cruz del Sur, always in the vanguard, the grace and beauty that nature wanted to place on the most exquisite human beings: women continue to be made up of the essential characteristics that define them. But for those who appreciate their values and have defended their presence in the every day life, also outdoors, know how integral they are: their exceptional conditions to lead, to be a teacher, worker, responsible mother and staunch fighter in the current economic update process towards the VI Congress of the Cuban Communist Party. Women from Santa Cruz del Sur always on the vanguard. There are still thousands of women around the world who are turned into slaves of the pornography business, drugs, all of this, used by the great capitalist machinery. Women are still turned into slaves in many countries, receiving miserable wages, being mistreated by this lingering chauvinism.   

In this Island, our women are Caguairan Fiber. No matter where they are, everything has a solution. And they have proved that before. Since its beginnings, this Revolution has called for them, and they come in mass. In the Literacy Campaign, marching with the rifle on their shoulders in the milician squads; in the neighbourhoods supporting the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and the Cuban Women Federation ( FMC); working hard in the agriculture, reforesting fruit and timber trees; in the scientific and sport  field…they are present in every place and never miss.  

“And nature made women physically weaker, but it did not made her morally or intellectually inferior than men”, said Fidel. Women are always going to raise the flag, will carry the machete ready, the excellent feelings to ennoble the days devoted to their families and the homeland.