[:es]Cuba Repeats Commitment and Cooperation with Haiti[:]


Geneva, Jul 4 .-Cuba maintains its commitment and cooperation with Haiti in order to improve its people’s enjoyment of major economic, social and cultural rights, the Cuban delegate before the United Nations in Geneva, Jairo Rodriguez, said.


When speaking at the 38th ordinary session of the Human Rights Council, the Cuban representative noted that ‘we provide our cooperation in the sectors of education and health, and we participate in development programs, in conjunction with other nations, fully respecting the sovereignty and self-determination of that brother country’.

The diplomat added that ‘this way the Haitian people will be empowered and will increasingly enjoy their human rights’.

Rodriguez ratified ‘Cuba’s commitment to the Haitian people’ and repeated the call on the developed countries and the international community in general to honor their commitments and provide the help and assistance that Haiti needs urgently.

In that regard, he pointed out that Haiti’s reconstruction and development are still a debt to that people, who organized the first social revolution in the American continent after several centuries of colonialism.

‘Cuba repeats that, at any debate on the situation on Haitian territory, it is of vital importance to attend to the needs and priorities of that country’s people,’ Rodriguez stressed.