USA, France Upset about Aristide Return to Haiti

USA, France Upset about Aristide Return to Haiti Port-au-Price, Feb 11. – United States and France reacted with disgust to Jean Bertrand Aristide''s return to Haiti, which could happen at any moment because the former president has the diplomatic passport issued by his country.

According to spokesman of the US State Department Philip J. Crowley, his return would be an inconvenient distraction for the nation, which is preparing the run-off of the controversial general elections of November 28.

The run-off should be held on March 20 when the opponents will be Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly.

"Haitian people must now focus on choosing the candidate to support in the vote", said Crowley from Washington.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bernard Valero said his government will closely monitor the stability and civil peace in the country.

The fear of the United States and France is that Aristide is very popular in Haiti and the return could be ruining their efforts to bring the presidency to one of their preferred candidates.

Indeed, the two nations are accused of orchestrating the coup that overthrew Aristide in February 2004.

Aristide, exiled in South Africa, expressed in public his desire to return to his homeland on January 20, to cooperate with the recovery of the education sector, seriously affected by the devastating earthquake of January 2010.(Prensa Latina)