Cuba to strengthen state enterprises and liberate productive forces

Havana, Jun 20.- Cuba is working on strengthening the socialist state enterprise and the creation of micro, small and medium-sized entities (MSMEs) with the aim of freeing the productive forces and boosting the economy.


The Council of Ministers approved in early June the improvement of the actors in the Cuban economy, which includes the socialist state enterprise, non-agricultural cooperatives, MSMEs and self-employed (private) workers.

2021 is a year of profound transformations for the ordering and liberation of the productive forces, removing obstacles and taking advantage of the country’s full potential, said on Friday the Minister of Economy and Planning (MEP), Alejandro Gil, on TV.

Gil made reference to an indication of the senior leadership of the country, which called to shake up the socialist state company, for which opportunities are being opened and powers are being decentralized such as the possibility of accessing foreign exchange based on their results, self-management, competition, innovation and linkage with key sectors. (Prensa Latina)