Venezuela Thanks Cuba’s Solidarity in Health

Venezuela Thanks Cuba's Solidarity in HealthCaracas, Jan 22. -Venezuelan Health Minister Eugenia Sader thanked Cuba's support and solidarity in establishing a network for free medical care provided with more than 13,000 facilities.

"Light came with our Cuban colleagues, because the country has never had physicians in distant places," Sader stated during a state Venezolana de Television channel program. She denied opposition information that declassified the country's public health system.

In her speech, Sader highlighted the creation in 2004 of the Barrio Adentro program, a bi-national initiative destined to guarantee the presence of physicians in the Venezuelan country.

The country already has 6,712 doctor's offices, 533 integral diagnosis centers, and 570 rehabilitation wards, the official said.

The minister also mentioned the creation of high technology centers, with facilities for tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and endoscopy.

Sader also thanked Cuba's support in training thousands of physicians and health collaborators. (Prensa Latina)