Novel Technique for Detection of Down Syndrome in Practice

Novel Technique for Detection of Down Syndrome in PracticeLondon, Jan 13. -A new test to detect genetic deformities, including Down syndrome, will be available soon for patients and in the future could replace the traditional techniques of amniocentesis.

It is the removal of a blood sample for DNA analysis of the fetus with massive sequencing techniques, with a sensitivity of over 98 percent, researchers from University of Hong Kong, China say.

With this genetic material it is checked whether the chromosome 21 has three copies (trisomy) rather than two, an article published in the British Medical Journal by University of Hong Kong said.

Although for scientific this technique is highly reliable, it is too expensive and only detects Down.

Amniocentesis, which is an invasive procedure that requires a needle to extract amniotic fluid inside the sac surrounding the fetus, can cause abortion in one of every hundred women and, therefore, is reserved for risk pregnancies. (Prensa Latina)