Forlan Leads PL Survey

Forlan Leads PL SurveyHavana, Nov 16. -Uruguayan soccer player Diego Forlan upped his advantage in the Prensa Latina survey to choose the best athletes of the year in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Forlan was chosen as best male athlete of the year by the Uruguayan Sports Journalists' Circle, the TV OFF television channel in Bolivia, and the Correo del Orinoco journal in Venezuela.

The player has now 14 votes, distantly followed by Cuban wrestler Mijain Lopez with three votes.

Lopez, who won the championship at the Wrestling World Cup in Moscow 2010, won his his second and third votes this Monday from the Cubaâ�Ös National Sports Program, NND, and of the Cubaâ�Ös News Agency, AIN.

The TV OFF channel voted for Brazilian pole vaulter Fabiana Murer as the best female athlete of the year and the Brazilian National volleyball team as the best team of the year.

The Sports Journalists' Circle in Uruguay also voted for Murer and for the Brazilian Intl Porto Alegre soccer team.

NND and AIN voted for Cuban triple jumper Yargelis Savigne. The NND voted for the Argentine womenâ�Ös hockey team as the best team of the year and AIN voted for the Brazilian Volleyball National Team.

Savigne, indoor world champion and also champion of the Diamond League, was in first place with six points, followed by Murer, who has 5 points as the best female athlete of the year.

The Brazilian volleyball national team was leading with 9 points followed by Intl Porto Alegre, with 5 points and the Argentine womenâ�Ös hockey team.

The deadline set by the Sports Desk at Prensa Latina to receive votes is December 16 and results will be published the next day. (Prensa Latina)