Posada Carriles on Trial in USA for Lying

Posada Carriles on Trial in USA for LyingWashington, January 10. -Luis Posada Carriles, the most notorious terrorist in the West, goes on trial Monday in El Paso, Texas, for lying to U.S. immigration authorities.

Terrorist Posada Carriles Charged Only with Lying
 Cuban TV to Broadcast Special Program on Posada Carriles

Jury selection is expected to begin for a trial that experts describe as an insult to justice, and an attempt to avoid the extradition of Carriles to Venezuela.

Posada Carriles' criminal record includes the mid-flight explosion of a Cuban passengerplane that killed all 73 people aboard in 1976, and his escape from a Venezuelan prison where he was serving time for that crime.

Posada Carriles is also guilty of the murder of Italian Fabio Di Celmo, killed during one of the bomb attacks on Havana tourist facilities in 1997, and he was involved in several plots to assassinate the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Witnesses called to testify in the trial include two Cuban officials and a forensic physician involved in investigations related to Di Celmo's death, U.S. immigration officials, and a journalist to whom Posada Carriles confessed his crimes.

According to Jose Pertierra, the attorney representing Venezuela in its extradition request, Posada Carriles' defense tried to delay the process to avoid prosecution.

Pertierra told Prensa Latina that if Posada Carriles is found guilty in El Paso of lying about his relationship with those who planted the bombs in Havana, the United States will be obliged to try him for being the mastermind of those crimes.

For the governments of Cuba and Venezuela, the case is a show that is being performed by attorneys of the George W. Bush administration (2001-2009) to counter criticism of the U.S. government for not doing anything against a self-confessed terrorist. (Prensa Latina)