Cayman Islands to Sink Ship to Create Artificial Reef

Cayman Islands to Sink Ship to Create Artificial ReefGeorge Town, Jan 5. -The Cayman Islands authorities plan to sink a ship in the waters of West Bay on Wednesday to create an artificial reef, which will serve as a refuge to conserve flora and fauna.

The Kittiwake, of U.S. manufacture, will be submerged only to 20 meters, allowing the top of the bridges and chimneys to protrude to the surface of the water area of Grand Cayman.

According to an official of the local Tourism Authority, Stephen Broadbelt, the ship will be part of the country's protected areas to conserve biodiversity and natural submarines resources.

He also said this will be one of the major sites for scuba diving. The concept of artificial reefs originated in Japan during the 18th century and was spread throughout the world due to its feasibility for ecological, scientific and commercial projects.

Artificial reefs provide habitat and promote rapid reproduction of different species of fish, algae, mollusks and corals, among others.

Many of these structures have been created with sunken ships, concrete blocks and pipes, logs, used tires, car and aircraft bodies. (Prensa Latina)