Lineaments Project analyzed at EPISUR

Lineaments Project analyzed at EPISURSanta Cruz del Sur, Dec 14. –With the participation of many workers it was developed the Assembly of discussion of the Linements Project of the Social and Economic Policy at the EPISUR Fishing Industry.

From all the chapters comprised in this material, it was widely debated the number 11 and 12, related to the housing policy, and the commerce, where people clearly stood out the dissatisfactions on the high prices of the materials, such as the products offered in national currency, put on a level with those products sold in CUC.

The attention that must be focused on the hydraulic systems was another issue debated inside those sections, in order to avoid tge waste of water, and to use that resource properly.

It was also analyzed the quality of the services, gastronomic ones mainly, which has a bad hygiene and sometimes custumers are not treated politely.

More than 30 interventions enriched this analysis on the Prject of Lineaments of the Social and Economic Policy at the EPISUR Fishing Industry. This assembly proved that the workers from this entity count on a good plitical preparation and the information required so as to contribute to improve the new strategies being analyzed today by the country. (Hugo Betancourt Mayoral/ Radio Santa Cruz)