Santa Cruz del Sur honored Combatants

Tribute to the fallen on Internationalist Missions and the fallen fighting for the RevolutionSanta Cruz del Sur, Dec 9. –The immortal ideas inherited from Maceo continue to be invariable banners in the every day life of the Cuban people, and they were displayed once again in the massive peregrination carried out by the people from Santa Cruz del Sur at the local cemetery, where the remains of the Fallen for the homeland and on Internationalist Missions lie.

In this respectful tribute to the 114th Anniversary of the Death of the Bronze Titan and to the 21 years of the Triumph Operation, there was initially a great popular gathering before the Statue General Antonio. Two members of the of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution (ACRC) who went to internationalist missions in Angola,  put flowers to the great son of Mariana Grajales.

The collective singing of our national anthem accompanied by the local Concert Band paved the way to declamation of moving poetries on the voices of several pioneers. They are the New Pines where the Trust of the Cuban Socialism and its Historical Continuity lies on.

“May the relatives of the fallen ones, to those who fought in the fulfil of several missions, thanks for the support shown, to sep on building the Socialist Revolution and harvesting achievements for a better, more equitable and internationalist future”.  

(Santiago SantaCruz)