Nicaragua National Solidarity Meeting with Cuba

Nicaragua National Solidarity Meeting with Cuba Managua, Apr 10. – Nicaraguan social groups will celebrate the 12th National Meeting of Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, in which they expect the participation of approximately a thousand delegates, informed a diplomatic source here Monday. Eduardo Martínez, Cuban Ambassador to Managua, confirmed Prensa Latina that for the celebration of the forum, the vice-president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples of the World, Alicia Corredera, will arrive in Managua, together with other officials of the island.

Hosted in the Fernando Gordillo Auditorium in Managua, belonging to the Autonomous National University of Nicaragua, the exchange will deal, among other topics, with the effects of the blockade imposed by the US government to Cuba for more than 50 years.

The liberation of the five antiterrorist Cuban fighters, known as the Cuban Five in the world, now imprisoned in the United States, will also be analyzed, as well as the work of the movements of solidarity with the island and the role of youth in the revolutionary projects, Martinez explained.

We, he explained, grant a lot of importance to the chosen topics for the meeting because they typify key aspects in the battle of Cubans for their sovereignty and the full exercise of the human rights.

"To share experiences with the Nicaraguans constitutes a special invitation because we are two nations with historical experiences, in ways to emancipation to assure economic development and social justice," the ambassador estimated.

The event will be attended by members of Juventud Sandinista 19 de Julio, the Workers National Front, trade unions and the Association of Friends of Cuba.

The integral presence of the organization gathering young students' parents in Cuba, also executives of the Coordinating Solidarity Office, delegations of different departments and of the districts in Managua.

Representatives of the Nicaraguan section of the International Net of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Mankind, as well as from the Che Guevara Committee, formed by academicians, will also attend the event.

Taken place in 2011, the 11th National Meeting of Solidarity took place in the city of Masaya and gathered more than a thousand people.(Prensa Latina)