Nelsa Miranda Segovia:Art is the life itself

Nelsa Miranda Segovia:Art is the life itselfSanta Cruz del Sur, Jun 20. –Craftswoman Santa Cruz del Sur born Nelsa Miranda Segovia, has already more than 60 works, where political, religious, decorative and local customs stand out.

This artist began her passion for couture and cut when she was only 12 years old, using magazines , and knitting techniques as a support

This woman from southern Camaguey loves writing poetry and décimas. “When i am not writing, i make something beautiful by using remnants and every recyclable piece of clothing that has fallen into disuse”.

Miranda Segovia has several local prizes because of her prominent participation in the Popular Art Fairs. Art on me is the life itself, said Nelsa, and she keeps on exuding creativity in every second of her life.

Santiago Santacruz