Fidel Castro Book Launch in Quito a Success

Fidel Castro Book Launch in Quito a SuccessQuito, Nov 26. -The book by Cuban leader Fidel Castro, The Strategic Victory, was launched at the International Book Fair in Quito with a massive audience that highlighted the revolutionary validity of his ideas.

At the Wednesday event, after greetings from representatives of the Ecuadorian foreign and culture ministers, Juan Meriguet and Alexis Oviedo, respectively, Cuban Ambassador Jorge Rodriguez gave remarks.

As Fidel Castro recounts in his book, the "defeat of that enemy offensive, after 74 days of incessant combat, was the strategic shift in the war."

The 896-page volume narrates the significance of the victory by some 300 guerrilla fighters against the offensive of over 10,000 soldiers of the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship. It features 25 chapters, a brief autobiography, maps, photos and graphics.

Rodriguez highlighted the culture of resistance present in the book as one of the keys that has allowed the Cuban Revolution survive all attacks and difficulties for almost 52 years, and which has been victorious only with the Cuban people's "moral rockets."

Outstanding Ecuadorian historian Juan Paz y Miño presented the book, saying the value of truth is a constant throughout its pages, which can be cataloged as close to a military history but also an invaluable testimony. (Prensa Latina)