To sow more, purpose of the farmers in Southern Camaguey

To sow more, purpose of the farmers in Southern CamagueySanta Cruz del Sur, Nov 25. –Boosting the destiny of the arable lands in order to develop the most necessary sectors, concerning the food production, is a purpose of the Agriculture System in Santa Cruz del Sur.

One of  the objectives of the sector is to give incentives to develop the Urban and Sub-Urban Agriculture, in order to racionally and efficiently  make the most of the productive space existing nowadays in the municipality and that has not been sowed yet.

The agriculture branch has among its main objectives, to get to diminish the import of tuber and other products from other territories, and to achieve this, the strategy is to work hard so as to increase the diversity and the boost of the productions of every local farming unit.

Achieving such goals must guarantee a 2011 with more tubers and vegetables in the markets of southern Camaguey, which will contribute to better up the popular basic basket. (Hugo Betancourt Mayoral / Radio Santa Cruz)