Fidel Castro Addresses Cuban University Students

Fidel Castro Addresses Cuban University StudentsHavana, Nov 18. -The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, ratified today the ideas he conveyed in a speech he delivered at Havana University''s main lecture hall five years ago this date.

"I must say I was surprised by the validity of the ideas I expressed then, which five years after are more valid than in those days, as many were related to the future, and today's events have been unfolding just like they were foretold," said the iconic leader.

But today -he added- the available knowledge about climate change, the economic crisis that exceeds any previous one, the perils of war, and the drifting of the imperial power towards fascism demand from the university students utmost dedication in the ideological battle.

Fidel Castro addressed the Cuban youth on the International Students Day, and the fifth anniversary of his historic speech at Havana University's main lecture hall on November 17th, 2005.

He read excerpts of his 2005 speech, particularly his questioning of what kind of world is this in which a barbaric empire proclaims the right to launch surprise and preventive attacks to more than 60 countries bringing death to any corner of the world with the use of the most sophisticated weapons.

"Right now" -he said then- "the empire threatens to attack Iran if it produces nuclear fuels".

Other excerpts referred to domestic issues like the struggle that Cuba was then raging against vices, theft and diversion of resources.

At the meeting held in Havana's Convention Center, the university students conferred Fidel Castro the Main Lecture Hall award, to show their determination to keep building socialism and for his contribution to forming the country's new generations.