Uruguay and Ecuador Presidents Sign Cooperation Agreements

Uruguay and Ecuador Presidents Sign Cooperation AgreementsMontevideo, Nov 15. -Uruguayan President Jose Mujica arrives Monday in Ecuador to carry out an official visit and to sign cooperation agreements with Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa.

The Uruguayan delegation will analyze business between Ancap state-own oil company and Petroecuador state-own oil company, also issues related to the agricultural, telecommunications and exports sectors.

Mujica arrives today in Guayaquil and will return to Montevideo next 17.

It is scheduled in a meeting among the official representative of the public works in Uruguay, Guayas prefecture and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in Ecuador.

The agenda also has scheduled meetings between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and rural leaders of both countries. President Mujica will also meet the Uruguayan residents in Ecuador.

Canepa said that the most important matter of the visit is the political issue.

He said that less than a month ago both presidents had a phone conversation. In that conversation Mujica expressed to Correa the solidarity and the support of the Uruguayan government

and of the Uruguayan people and the decision to travel to Ecuador to show his support to the democratic process carried out in that country. (Prensa Latina)