Cuba in the Struggle against Drug Trafficking

Cuba in the Struggle against Drug TraffickingHavana, Nov 1. – Cuban combatants of the Coastguard Troops along with specialized forces and collaborators frustrated until today several operations of international drug trafficking, emphasized the TV material.

The Detachment of Guantanamo reported the operation of more repercussion in this Caribbean country, in the eastern region of the country.

The National TV News reported that 552.22 kilo of drug seized in the first half of the year correspond to 14 dispatches of packages of drugs that have reached the coasts of that territory.

The source also specified that it captured, in cooperation with the Revolutionary Armed Forces, a rapid boat with three Bahamas citizens on board seizing 541.64 kilos of marihuana coming from Jamaica to Bahamas.

The traffickers arrested are subjected to a judicial process and the area of more incidentes in Guantanamos are Imias, Tortuguilla, Caimanera and San Antonio del Ruth.

"Our Mission is to prevent drug from entering our country and reach the population", commented the first Sub officer Diosvani Osorioa alter his reflections over the damages the psychotropic substance provoke.

The existance of several drug routes in this geographic area means a considerable potencial danger for the country and this threat determine the development of new and secure strategies for fighting this flagelo, the source added.(Prensa Latina)