Cuba´s Victory Makes Paraguayan Headlines

Cuba´s Victory Makes Paraguayan HeadlinesAsuncion, Oct 27. -For the 19th time in row, the world condemned the unjust and illegal economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba, a victory widely covered in the Paraguayan online media.

The newspaper Ultima Hora reproduced a report by Spanish EFE news agency that refers to Tuesday's events in the UN General Assembly.

The information expressed that by a wide majority, the latest resolution passed requesting the lifting of the economic and trade blockade that the United States has imposed on Cuba for half a century.

The resolution presented by Cuba achieved almost unanimous support of the 192 nation members of the UN, passing 187-2 (United States and Israel), with three abstention (Marshall Islands, Palau and Micronesia).

The report also points out that shortly before the vote, Cuban Foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez criticized US President Barack Obama for maintain the blockade despite promises of a "new beginning" in U.S. policy toward Havana.

"The events confirm that nothing has changed, nor has he used his ample prerogatives to soften the blockade. Sanctions against Cuba are intact and rigorously applied," he said.

The Paraguayan news agency, for its part, used a report by the Argentine agency Telam reporting that the UN General Assembly voted "forcefully" against the U.S. blockade of Cuba. (Prensa Latina)