The blockade reflects the insensitivity of the United States Government

The blockade reflects the insensitivity of the United States GovernmentSanta Cruz del Sur, Oct 26. –A man from Santa Cruz del Sur, as many pacients from this island, thanks to the Cuban Revolution for his life. He is aware that he would have died in any other country without the attention and sleepless nights that any pacient receives here, no matter how expensive they are for the country because of the US blockade.

Nou Ernesto Ricardo Pires is an exceptional witness, lives with a hypertrophic cardiomiopathy since 2007 with a Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) in order to prevent sudden deaths. His pathologies provoke malignant arrhythmia that may lead to a fatal outcome.

Nou Ernesto Ricardo Pires, affected by the blockade since March 13th, 2007, his Heart beats accompanied by a technical support, which he would not ever have been able to pay in other country where medicine is a private business, since this equipment comes from Germany and costs 35 thousand euros.

He goes to Havana every three months, and the State easies the travel ticket for him to have a comfortable trip. “When I get there they treat me as their own relative. My Doctor, Jesús Antonio Castro Hevia, makes jokes as soon as he sees me, and asks me how I felt during the long travel. He interviews me as a friend, and realizes the defibrillator tracking…analyzes the event that my heart has had and the technical status of the ICD. A tracking consultation in a capitalist country costs from 2 to 3 thousand dollars”.

“Doctor Dorticós, Head of the Arrhythmia Room in the ICCCV, said to Granma Journal in an interview: the ICD cables extraction guides have been banned to enter the country since six months ago, and all thanks to the blockade imposed by the US to the island 50 years ago. The pacients who carry the Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator can be operated on in any moment by minimum access surgery under cause and if there is no conditions to be attended in a specialized way, our lives are in danger. The governors of that country are very insensitive. All the medicines we receive through an intra-hospital way, we receive them for free, the Cuban State has to pay a very high price for them, they are brought from very far countries, in many occasions their entrance to the country faces the rude American position”.

Nou Ernesto, as most of the people from Santa Cruz del Sur, will be paying attention today to the 19th vote at the UNO against the blockade through which the United States tries Cuba to surrender since 48 years ago, making difficult the life of millions of people, healthy ones and sick ones, but no doubt that these are the people who suffer this the most.

The blockade policy must stop, if most of the nations from this world reject it, it is clear that the United States are the only responsible ones of eliminating such a ridiculous practice, which disrespectfully violates the human rights, not only of the Cuban people but also the human rights of their own people and citizens from third countries are affected with the extra-territorial practice of it.

Until when are we going to bare this burden? It is time to break the most brutal, cruel and prolonged hounding of the World History.

Written by (Iliana Pérez Lara/ Radio Santa Cruz) with information supplied by Santiago SantaCruz, reporter of the Santa Cruz del Sur Historians Union.
Translated by Daniusky Toledo Calderon