Bolivia Celebrates La Paz Traditions

Bolivia Celebrates La Paz TraditionsLa Paz, Oct 24. -The traditions of the Bolivian capital will be celebrated with a parade and other activities today prior to the program "Patrimonial October," according to the Civic Cultural Center of La Paz.

The project, aimed at rescuing the city's culture, will consist of a parade of people dressed as folk figures and vintage vehicles, among other activities, the center's president, Nelson Larrea, said.

Today's event will open with a parade of 1,500 people dressed as ancient characters, such as Tia Nuñez, Llanta Baja, Khoskhotongo, Antenas and Phisigato, among others, in addition to floats, old vehicles and horses ridden by riders dressed in vintage costumes.

The organizers' goal is to contribute to rescuing La Paz traditions and make them known, especially to the youngest generations, said Larrea, who was quoted by the state-owned newspaper Cambio.

Today's event will precede the program "Patrimonial October", which will begin with the inauguration of a monument to Marshall Antonio Jose de Sucre on the Franz Tamayo Square on October 25.

The director of Municipal Patrimony, Jimena Pachec, noted that the festivities will also celebrate the 100th birthday of sculptor Emiliano Lujan. She added that 18 bus stops decorated with photos of major architectural sites in the region will be inaugurated in different parts of the city. (Prensa Latina)