Hugo Chavez Ends Visit to Iran

Hugo Chavez Ends Visit to Iran Tehran, Oct 20. – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez ends his visit to Iran on Wednesday, and will go to Syria for the fifth stop of his tour of Europe, Asia and Africa.

The agenda of the president's last day in Iran includes a tour of a housing complex, a particularly important visit given the Venezuelan government�s priority on accelerating housing construction for working-class sectors.

Chavez also intends to visit the holy city of Mashhaad, which he has done previously.

Sources from both counties mentioned a possible meeting there between Chavez and the leader of the Islamic Revolution Ali Jamenei.

After Tehran, Chavez will continue his tour in Syria, where he will sign at least four agreements on customs and transport.

In Damascos, Chavez will also express his interest in engaging Syria as an observer of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA).

His tour has included Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, and he has future stops in Libya, Algeria and Portugal.(Prensa Latina)