Cuba Seeks to Revitalize World Disarmament Conference

Havana, Aug 31. -Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno has affirmed that Cuba wants to revitalize the United Nations World Disarmament Conference to prevent a climate disaster that would be caused by a nuclear conflict.One of Cuban main goals is to boost, move forward, and revive the Conference so that it plays its initial role, which dates back to its creation in 1979, Moreno holds in statements to the official Granma daily.

For this purpose, the Conference, that has been stagnant for more than 10 years, should have well-defined objectives and an agenda that take into account all-nations' concerns, Moreno says.

In the face of latent perils posed by the nuclear weapons, it's time to saveguard -the Cuban official argues- the path towards peace, and prevent a global climate catastrophe that would be unleashed by an atomic conflict. He recalls that there are over 20,000 nuclear weapons today in the world.

The fact is that the great nuclear powers are not currently interested on disarmament agreements, Moreno added.

According to Moreno, the great powers just want the 65-member Conference to work on a treaty, in a recent future, about the production of the so-called fissile material that can be used to produce nuclear weapons.

The solution is not to ignore or minimize the Conference, but to maintain and strengthen it more than, and this is a responsibility of all the nations, Moreno concludes. (Prensa Latina)