U.S. TV, Radio Aggression vs. Cuba Costs Millions

U.S. TV, Radio Aggression vs. Cuba Costs Millions Havana, Oct 12. -The more than 2,000 hours of television and radio programming broadcast weekly to Cuba in violation of international law prove that the United States uses any means at its disposal to disrupt the order of the Cuban nation.

The 2,000-hour figure is the result of using 30 different frequencies and 19 stations in the United States on a weekly basis with subversive purposes, which violates Cuban law, according to Cuban Ministry of Informatics and Communications sources.

"These transmissions create interference that is harmful to our national services," said a report from the ministry which accompanies a larger report from the Cuban Foreign Ministry to be submitted later this month in the United Nations that demands the end of U.S hostilities.

According to the report, the aggression against Cuban radio-electronic space began immediately after the triumph of the Revolution in 1959, and has been increased, with calls for murder and to dismantle the political system in the Island.

From April 2009 to April 2010, the informatics and communications sector has lost more than US$61 million, according to Cubaâ�Ös report for Resolution 64/6 of the UN General Assembly.

The Cuban radio broadcasting company Radiocuba lost US$2.8 million, given its impossibility of buying transmission valves in nearby markets.

In more than 50 years, Cuba has lost about US$751.363 billion.(Prensa Latina)