Documentary Reveals Anti-Cuba Terrorism

Documentary Reveals Anti-Cuba TerrorismHavana, Sep 29. -This year has seen the largest media campaign ever against Cuba, according to Part II of the special report, "The Path of Terror," broadcast on Cuban television on Tuesday evening.

This media operation carried out by the so-called great Western media, controlled by the United States, is a way of supporting the program of anti-Cuba terrorist actions and irrefutable proof of the truths Cuba defends.

For example, in February 2010, the organization Alpha 66 held its annual conference, in which it decided to continue using violent actions to fight the Cuban government.

Guests at that conference included terrorist figures such as Luis Posada Carriles, Osvaldo Mitat, Orlando Gutierrez and Silvia Iriondo, the documentary revealed.

According to statements by Salvadoran terrorist Francisco Chavez Abarca, imprisoned in Cuba, Luis Posada Carriles told him that the planting of bombs in Cuba had to continue.

Chavez Abarca also confessed to plans to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro during a planned visit to Guatemala, and also in November 2000 in Panama.

The timely denunciation of the Cuban delegation in Panama thwarted the plans of Posada and his accomplices, and they were arrested, but then their pardon was purchased from the president of that country at the time, Mireya Moscoso. (Prensa Latina)