Cuba Modernizes Seismic Network

Cuba Modernizes Seismic NetworkHavana, Sep 29. -Cuba is modernizing its seismic network, a process that should conclude later this year, and at the same time is preparing to post on the Internet details of tectonic plate movements in the archipelago, the local press reported.

That way, the island will soon have one of 150 stations and institutes worldwide with online seismic information, Granma newspaper reported. The equipment installed includes 18 highly-sensitive seismographs, which register signals more frequently, carry out new types of investigations of the Earth's internal structure, and detect events that were until now imperceptible.

In addition, new software allows Cuba to study the behavior of earthquakes in its territory.

Bladimir Moreno, director of the National Seismologic Research Center in Santiago de Cuba province, said the modernized system will make it possible to obtain accurate information on the country's main faults. (Prensa Latina)