Venezuela Finalizes Election Preparations

Venezuela Finalizes Election PreparationsCaracas, Sep 21. -The National Electoral Council of Venezuela is making the final arrangements to ensure the success of Sunday's parliamentary elections, when over 17 million citizens are eligible to vote in some 12,000 districts.

Preparations were on schedule, and all necessary equipment was expected to be in place between Wednesday and Thursday, said the election authority's acting director, Humberto Castillo, on Monday.

In statements to the Venezolana TV network, he added that the voting machines would be set up on Saturday and Sunday and the mechanism created to avoid mishaps on September 26 would be checked.

Systematic auditing has been carried out on the equipment that will be used in the elections, with representatives present from the different political organizations of the country, explained Castillo.

Massive voter turnout of up to 70 percent of the electorate was expected, according to polls and other research, the official said.

Venezuelans are motivated to vote because of the election's importance at this time, assured Castillo. (Prensa Latina)