ALBA Cultural Award in Cinema Festival in Havana

Havana, Nov 16. -Seven movies will be competing for the ALBA Cultural Award "Our America First Edition", in the 33rd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, scheduled to be held in Havana from December 1 to 11.The main objective of the award is to contribute with financial and technical resources to the post production of audiovisual works made in Latin America.

A total of 26 works from 8 Latin American countries were presented this year, sponsored by the Venezuelan Cinema and Audiovisual Media Platform and the Cuban Institute on Cinematographic Arts and Industry (ICAIC).

The movies that are competing are:

1- "De jueves a domingo" (From Thursday to Sunday) (Chile-Holland)

Directed by: Dominga Sotomayor Castillo

2- "Escuela normal" (Regular School) (Argentina)

Directed by: Celina Murga

3- "La despedida" (The Farewell) (Argentina)

Directed by: Juan Manuel D Emilio

4- "Mejor no hablar de ciertas cosas" (Better not to talk About Certain Things) (Ecuador)

Directed by: Javier Andrade Morales

5- "Miguel San Miguel" (Chile)

Directed by: Matias Cruz Slater

6- "Solo" (Alone) (Uruguay-Holland-Argentina)

Directed by: Guillermo Rocamora

7- "Sopro" (Winds) (Brazil)

Directed by: Marcos Pimentel  (Prensa Latina)