Fidel Castro Defends Peace without Sacrificing Just Principles

Fidel Castro Defends Peace without Sacrificing Just PrinciplesHavana, Sep 11. -For a real revolutionary to defend peace does not mean to abandon the principles of justice, without which human life and society would become meaningless, pointed out the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, on Friday.

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In a message delivered by him during the presentation of his book "The Final Strategic Counter-offensive" in the Aula Magna of the University of Havana, Fidel Castro reiterated that he has always condemned the Holocaust.

He highlighted that in his reflections "Obama s speech in Cairo", "A Swipe Waiting to Happen" and "The opinion of an Expert", he clearly enunciates this position.

He pointed out that the great confusion existing in the world can be deduced from the criteria of many Arab friends who, when they heard about his interview with US journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, sent him messages indicating that the reporter was the greatest defender of Zionism.

Many of the brightest talents such as Karl Marx and Albert Einstein were Jewish, because it is a nation in which the most intelligent survived, under a natural law, he said.

Muslims, he continued, were attacked and persecuted by European Christians for well over 12 centuries because of their beliefs, as were the first Christians in ancient Rome before Christianity became the official religion of that empire.

He stated that history should be accepted and remembered as it is, with its tragic realities and its fierce wars, and then it explains the dangers that now face humanity.

If we add a war in Iran, even if it is conventional, it would be better that the US turn off the lights and say goodbye. How could the US withstand a war against 1,500 million Muslims?, asked Fidel Castro.

All peoples have the right to peace and to the enjoyment of the goods and natural resources of the planet, he said.

The graphic news coming from the Middle East are amazing, he continued, where Palestinians are deprived of their lands, their houses are demolished by monstrous machines and women, men and children are bombed with white phosphorous and other means of extermination.

The last thing to be expected was the news of the expulsion of the French gypsies, victims of the cruelty of the French extreme right, who now number 7,000, victims of another kind of racial holocaust, he said. (Prensa Latina)