Men and women of tomorrow call for peace

Men and women of tomorrow call for peaceWith the inmense desire of peace forever opened the classrooms in south camaguey this september. Teachers, parents and students gathered in all schools to enjoy this unforgetable beginning. There wil be nine months entirely devoted to the integral formation of these men and women of tomorrow, very needed for the for the homeland.

Necessary transformation have experienced the Education Sector, which are very healthy for the teaching and learning, teachers, students, and parents.this new school schedule will be supported by the quality and professional eficiency and positive results exceeding those ones of the previous year.

This schhol year is translated into goals, aspirations and concrete objectives for our educatinal establishment, said Elvia Yuliet Pérez Freire, head teacher of the José Martí Primary School, which deserved an acknowledgment certificate on the name of the educational trade unions in Santa Cruz.

We will offer an arduous political and ideological preparation to the teachers and students, so as to promote the values frmation. The leanring of the mother language is going to be strengthened through the lessons, we will turn the educational establishments into the most important institution of the community, by consolidatng the home-school relationship, said Elvia.


Poetry reading, theatre and danceing grewtheir harmonious bonds stronger. Pioneers strengthened words and cultural movements, giving this way, thanks to this great revlution for having been delivered the most wonderful nutrient: the bread of the education.

Santiago Santacruz
Cortesía para Radio Santa Cruz