Boxer Perot Leads Cuba to Sweep the Board at Youth Olympics

Boxer Perot Leads Cuba to Sweep the Board at Youth OlympicsSingapore, Aug 25. -Lenier Perot led the Cuban boxing team in sweeping the board at the Singapore Youth Olympic Games, after knocking out Italian Fabio Turchi in the first round.

After a hook at the beginning that shook up Turchi, Perot left the Italian in bad shape with a direct blow to the face, forcing the referee to stop the fight and call the doctor.

"I came out to win, the opportunity arose and I decided to finish it, because you never know what might happen," said the winnerm who was also a gold medalist at the AIBA Youth World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Regarding the importance of the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, Perot told Prensa Latina that history will remember them.

The winner praised the level of his opponents but said that in the end, the technical quality and the rigor of the Cuban school of boxing won out.

After questioning who was his idol in boxing he did not hesitate to say, "At the moment, I am my own idol". (Prensa Latina)