Santa Cruz del Sur celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the FMC

Santa Cruz del Sur celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the FMCSanta Cruz del Sur, Ago 24. -All the members of the FMC ( Cuban Women Federation) in Southern Camagüey, always staunch defenders of the mother country ideals, celebrated a political and cultural-ideological encounter to exchange ideas about the work done by the organization,  to remember some important anecdotes and to hand over some acknowledgments on behalf of the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Women Federation.

Poems dedicated to Vilma and the Revolution were read by their own authors: Nelsa de Miranda, founder woman and Sandra Idelgardis Leyva, base leader, whom expressed revolutionary feelings in their works. After that all the audience could see a picture dedicated to Raul’s endless partner.

Valuable memories full of great emotivity  were told by those that being very young at that time were the first cuban women of their generation to be members of the FMC, participating actively in each appointed task where their presence was needed. The nursing graduated Anaisa Campbell told some of her experiences during her mission in Africa.

It was of agreat satisfaction to Marisol Estrada Rivero, secretary general of the 82th block at the Comunidad
Jesús Suárez Gayol Popular Council to obtain the August 23th distinction, which was handed over by Gisela Monteagudo Castellanos, top leader of the FMC in this territory.

Monteagudo Castellanos said that the young women have to be in the vanguard, “ because they are the historic continuity. Women are the indispensable builders of the socialist society, the strength needed to keep unity for the homeland  and vanquish”.

Moral presents were delivered to founders, block and delegation leaders amd to those who have gone to accomplish internationalist missions. 50th anniversary certificates were bestowed upon Margot Alfaro Sánchez and Ilda Sánchez Sorit. Daniel Baño Lazo turned to be the most prominent collaborator from the Family Guidance House.

Santiago Santacruz
Courtesy to Radio Santa Cruz