Nuclear War: Fatal Consequences

 Nuclear War: Fatal ConsequencesThe world has witnessed several holocausts. However, the one that could break out into a nuclear conflict, of which the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro has been warning about, would become the last of the millennium for our species.

We are not dealing with the fact that the weapons of many nations amount to no less than 20 000 nuclear artifacts capable of destroying our planet several times.

The mistake lies in that there are very powerful individuals who imagine that they will be able to get rid of their opponents through such action and remain unhurt in order to “totally enjoy” the alleged victory.

They are not imaginations. In fact, in August of 1945, the United States did not hesitate in launching nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The so called neutron bomb was created in US laboratories, capable of wearing down and turning human beings into dust while leaving buildings, machinery and some other materials somewhat intact.

Means of death in which Washington insisted in placing in the so called Old Continent on the borders of the former Soviet Union and the socialist nations in Eastern Europe.

We cannot forget that during the 1980´s the followers of Ronald Reagan, in his role as President of the United States made up the first Santa Fe program where among other atrocities, proclaimed that “we are at the doorsteps of World War III”, and “the distension of death”.

We should not put aside the first Gulf War and the military operations against Yugoslavia which were purely for interventionist purposes, where the US forces used weapons with uranium and radioactive graphite.

If this already happened, then why doubt that in the minds of some US hawks the idea that nuclear war is feasible and the winners will survive amidst its arrogance and absolute power.

Those that dream of totalitarian, divine and untouchable power are not incapable of reasoning and distinguishing the magnitude of such confrontation, they will also be sure targets.

This is without thinking that if they survive such a deadly explosion, the planet will turn into a cloud of dust, high temperatures and unbearable radiation, where no means of life will be possible.

It is necessary to stop this disturbed group, because then the true, real and regrettable end to the story will finally arrive.(acn)(By Nestor Núñez)