Venezuelan Socialists Greet Colombian Minister’s Visit

Venezuelan Socialists Greet Colombian Minister's Visit Caracas, Aug 17. – The board of the Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) greeted on Monday the forthcoming visit of the Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin, who will arrive in this capital to strengthen relations between the two nations.

The recent meeting in Santa Marta, Colombia, of the presidents of both countries ended the bilateral dispute exacerbated by the provocations of the former president of Columbia, Alvaro Uribe.

Holguín will arrive in Caracas on Friday and, along with her counterpart Nicolas Maduro, will install the working committees which will support this new stage of mutual ties.

Navarro, leader of the largest political Venezuelan organization, celebrated the presence of the President of the Congress of Columbia, Armando Benedetti, in search of new communication mechanisms to deepen the process of detente and reconciliation.

Speaking to the press, Navarro reiterated that the PSUV rejects the presence of guerrilla groups in the country regardless of political orientation or source, a position that coincides with the position of the current government.

He also stated the Socialists support the pronouncements of the Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, who has said that Colombia must open the way for a political discussion which would put an end to the civil war of more than half a century.

Venezuela and Colombia reestablished diplomatic relations on August 10 after the meeting of Chavez and the newly inaugurated president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, who agreed to design a program of rapprochement and cooperation covering areas such as defense, trade, energy, social investment and development in border areas.(Prensa latina)