Fidel Castro Meets with Colombian Pacifists

Fidel Castro Meets with Colombian PacifistsHavana, Aug 16. – Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro met in this capital with a representation of Colombians for Peace Movement, led by Senator Piedad Cordoba.

According to Cubadebate website, the meeting, held on Sunday, completes a Fidel Castro's commitment when he recently met with the South American legislator, to evaluate the contribution fighters for peace like her could do to avoid a war that is today a world threat with unpredictable consequences.

Other five human rights activists, Jesuit Father Javier Giraldo, Carlos A. Ruiz, Danilo Rueda, psychologist and university professor Hernando Gomez, and filmmaker Lisandro Duque, accompanied the senator in the gathering.

After an initial exchange of view on the regional and international situation, Fidel Castro stressed his hope that a man like Obama, whose origins mix black and white, Christians and Muslims, characteristics that come very close to the Colombian legislator's sensibility, can hear the voices of those who suffer so much war, live committed to achieve peace and could dissuade him if pulling the trigger.

The Commander-in-Chief said the visitor he spent his birthday, on August 13, with old comrades-in-arms and he also asked them if they had no hope that the war, which could be sparked off once the UN deadline has expired, could stop.

Senator Piedad Cordoba recalled her comrades her first meeting with the Cuban leader some days ago.

At the end of the meeting that lasted almost two hours, Fidel Castro gave the visitors autographed copies of his book "La victoria estrategica" (The Strategic Victory).(Prensa Latina)