Unpublished Writings of Cuba’s National Hero Discovered

Unpublished Writings of Cuba's National Hero DiscoveredHavana, Aug 10. – The director of the Jose Marti Studies Center, Ana Sanchez, announced the discovery of some 300 unpublished documents written by Marti, the country's national hero, according to a report posted Tuesday on the center's website.

The documents came from different parts of the world and will be published shortly after checking them against originals, Sanchez said, without specifying the years the documents were written or their subjects.

Sanchez made the announcement on Monday during the signing of an agreement between the Venezuelan deputies of the Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO) and Cuba's Jose Marti Program Office to organize a forum on Bolivar, Lincoln and Marti.

The Second International Conference on Bolivar, Lincoln and Marti will be held in Caracas November 17-20 in the framework of the 8th Social Summit for Unity.

Some of that forum's topics are "The Bicentennial, socialism and democracy in the 21st century," "A look at the crisis of capitalism from the South," "Counter-hegemonic thinking, education and social movements," are some of the topics on the forum.(Prensa Latina)